Ceramic Coating for Car installation in Miami

Ceramic Coating for Car installation in Miami
Updated On:
July 26, 2021

The Truth About Ceramic Coatings For Cars            

           Car owners have many reasons to protect the value of their vehicle. Car enthusiasts not only want their cars looking their best at all times, they also want to maximize the value. Traditional car owners should not be forgotten. They have motivations for vehicle protection getting the best in professional protection. If you are a do-it-yourselfer or a professional installer, you will find countless benefits in a quality car protection coating.

Every car is an investment. Protecting the exterior and interior of a car or truck can help the resale value, give you a sense of pride and maintain a top-notch vehicle for you to drive while owning it. Protecting your car’s finish with the proper paint protection is an investment in the future condition of the vehicle. There are many options. A quality and long-lasting option is ceramic coating protection.

Benefits of Protection to the Owner
• Provides a barrier of protection against the outside materials and elements. Dirt, dust, mud, acidic bird droppings, road chemicals all dirty a car’s appearance, and can damage the paint. Having a protective coating on your car or truck will keep those harmful substances and particles from your vehicle’s precious paint. A professional coating can help repel the materials, or if they do stick, can make them much easier to wash off.

• Rain will dirty a car. Water from the sky has minerals in it. As the droplets dry, they can leave a marked water ring. Having a protective coating can minimize these rings and keep them from constantly coming in contact with your paint.

Especially in the hot Miami sun, these water rings can dry fast and become more pronounced. Car owners often spend hours with an over-the-counter wax product to remove the rings. Being proactive with a protective coating can save your car from such external elements.

The sun also does UV damage to the vehicle. The more the pounding sun shines on your car or truck, the more the paint will oxidize. This results in a dull or faded look. A professional coating can protect a car from harmful UV rays.  

• It can protect against nicks and scratches. Nothing is going to 100% protect your car from scratches and nicks. A person in a parking lot may brush up against your car and cause a scratch. A rock thrown from a truck in front of you may do damage. You can give your paint a fighting chance with a ceramic coating. It may minimize or reduce the damage caused by external factors you may never see. Being proactive with a coating can make a difference.

• There were over 40 million light vehicles sold in the United States in 2019 [1]. As a seller someday, you want your vehicle to hold on to as much of its value as possible. Protecting the exterior and treating the interior will help your car or truck stay cleaner and preserve the “factory condition” as much as possible. You should be able to realize a higher resale price when you are ready to sell. Everybody sells someday.

Product and Application
The ceramic coating kit from Fortador is a great option. We take pride in this Kevlar product so you can take pride in your vehicle. This three-stage kit completes a step-by-step process to ensure your car is fully protected, outside and in. The kit comes complete with three high-grade products, application pads and cloths. Each of these are designed to work together as a complete system and protection solution. To get the full benefit from the coating, the paint surface requires proper preparation. It is fully worth the effort. You can follow these complete and effective eight steps.

Step 1
Snow foam wash. Snow foaming is a process where the dirt gets absorbed into the foam and then is rinsed away. You can use the two-bucket method, but using a foam gun or cannon is recommended. Choosing a high-quality shampoo or snow foam will make a difference. The amount of suds and lubrication will impact the cleaning and the results.

Step 2
Clay decontamination is next. Clay decontamination further cleans the surface by extracting embedded contaminants in the paint. You will need fresh clay and a lubricant. There are different grades of clay you can choose. To complete this process, spray the lubricant on a small area. Use light pressure with the clay, and let it glide along. If it sticks, use more lubricant. Applying too much pressure can mar your paint.

Feel free to feel the surface with your wet hand. After you are satisfied, use a clean cloth and wipe off. Turn the cloth frequently, depending on the paint, you may have considerable build up on the cloth. That means the clay decontamination is working!

Paint correction system by Rupes

Step 3
Paint correction is the next step. If you are serious about having the best possible looking car or truck, this step will set it apart. Paint correction removes imperfections and swirl marks. You will need a quality buffer. There are rotary and dual-action model types. You will also use a finish or polish. Choosing a one-step polish will save you time; there are many quality products available. Being successful in paint correction is a combination of product, machine and technique.

If you choose a quality product, it is only necessary to use a small amount. Put it on the pad, and apply to your car in left to right, and up and down motions. Overlapping as you move intra-section and intersection will provide consistency. Applying the right amount of pressure will make a difference. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions for pressure and machine speed. Keeping your work area small with slow and steady pressure and arm motions will help you achieve the results you want. After complete, inspect the area with a light before you move on to the next section.

Step 4
Steam cleaning the exterior is next. Here you can use a quality steamer from Fortador. A quality steamer will effectively disburse the steam over the surface of your vehicle. Carefully go over the entire surface, while wiping with a virgin microfiber cloth as you move along. The steam gun of the Fortador allows you to control the steam with one hand, and concurrently wipe with your other.

Clean the glass, trim, bumpers and moldings as you work your way around your vehicle.

Fortador Kevlar Protection kit

Step 5
Now you are ready for the first stage of the Fortador Kevlar ceramic paint protection kit.
The installation of lifetime activator primer will prepare the paint surface for the Kevlar coating. Apply the activator primer with the applicator pad. This liquid will only require 5 to 15 drops on the pad. Massage this into the body of the car or truck. The primer and bond will evaporate, and be ready to receive the Kevlar coating. In five minutes, you are ready for stage two in your Kevlar kit.

Step 6
It is now time to give your car or truck the ultimate protection. Stage two of the Fortador kit is applying the Kevlar coating.  Use the easy-to-follow instructions. You will use the provided applicator. Apply a thin layer of the coating from the container. Use a circular and overlapping motion with slight pressure. Apply approximately 12-15 drops per half-panel. Inspect the first section you complete before you move on to the next. You should see a significant difference in the shine and clarity of the finish. You will also be able to feel the difference after it dries.

Wait five to ten minutes for the coating to completely dry. You can use the provided microfiber cloth or your favorite soft cloth to lightly go over the section. If you choose, you can apply a second layer after waiting one hour following the same process.

To put the finishing touch on, wait about 15 minutes and polish by hand with a standard applicator. We recommend you use the same microfiber cloth that you used in step six to remove the dry polish residue. The exterior of your vehicle is now ready to take the road in an inspiring and protected fashion. Everyone will be impressed!

Step 7
The interior is just as important as the exterior. Stage three of the kit treats your interior with a Kevlar product unlike no other. Vacuum the car and clean the surfaces with a quality cleaner. Use steam if you wish. Apply the Kevlar product to the dry upholstery and other surfaces you want to protect.

Applying is easy. Hold the sprayer about one foot away. No rubbing necessary. Wait 15 minutes for the first coating to dry, then apply a second layer in the same fashion.

Step 8
Final inspection. Start with the exterior. Use a light and look at the finish from different angles. You should not see any transitions from section to section. You should not see swirls, smudge marks or paint irregularities. You should see a new-looking, bright, clear and luminous finish on your car. If you do not, look back at that specific area and retrace the necessary step to correct the issue. Use a light in the interior to check surfaces. They should all look the same without transitions. If you missed a spot, use the sprayer to easily cover that area. The car is fully protected!