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Steam cleaning has been used for industrial businesses for decades due to its efficient cleaning and sterilizing power. Services like carpet and upholstery cleaning have also commonly used steam, because it easily dissolves and extracts residue from any surface or material with out any damage. 

Auto detailers also have commonly used steam vacuums in order to clean seats and floor mats but these machines are limited to that primary function. Only until recently have much more powerful steamer machines been developed to fulfill this need for a mobile, eco-friendly, water saving and sanitizing car wash method.

Steam car washing conserves the most water. It’s effective and eco-friendly. A regular tunnel car wash wastes 100’s of gallons, despite re-use.Steam car washing gives youth highest level of hand-washing results, including wheels and hard-to-reach areas.

Regular car washes with spinning brushes can damage aftermarket parts, mirrors, antennas, and other parts, and lacks the attention to detail and thoroughness.Steam car washing loosen grime and dirt from bugs, sap, and tar without the use of harsh chemicals, and can also be used for cleaning and sanitizing the interior of your car.

We are adding special polymer inside the water used for our service, that dramatically increase reflection on the paint, and also makes cleaning effect greater.Using special equipment we found that level of bacteria inside the cabin and vent system drops down more than 10 times, this helps not only for people with allergy, but keep you healthy and worry free.

During any type of service we provide, our team makes steam cleaning of your car interior, all hidden places impossible to reach by standard vacuum will be blown with high pressure (16bar) dry steam.

The easiest way to get your car detailed and bacteria free
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Fortador Steamer Powered by Lamborghini
The heart of our system is Lamborghini powered Fortador Steam & Vacuum Cleaner. The most powerful and ECO friendly mobile steamer.

• Operating pressure: 16 bar
• Operating Temperature: 275F
• Industrial Steam Vacuum power: 1150W
• Water consumption: 0.5 Gallon/car
• Chemical partner: 3D High Definition Car Care, Optimum Polymer Technologies
Fully Mobile
Fully equipped for mobile operation Ram Promaster City can operated without need of external power or water sources.Our Fleet covering all Miami-Dade and Broward county areas.