COVID sanitization services for cars in Miami

COVID sanitization services for cars in Miami
Updated On:
July 26, 2021

Want to disinfect your car in this A mid Corona virus outbreak?


The corona virus pandemic taught us to adapt to hygiene habits. Because of this amid pandemic, people from all over the world have been locked. This virus already infected almost 1.3 million people worldwide, and that's why this is the right time to protect ourselves from this. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to stay at home as much as you can.


But staying home isn't an option, right? We need to go out for some groceries, medications, and jobs. This blog is dedicated to those who are still traveling through their car because of the necessary works. In this blog, we will discuss how to protect you during traveling. By following the below descriptions, you can protect yourself from this virus.


To protect yourself, you have to disinfect your car through a team interior cleaning & sanitizing process. There are many processes through which you can protect your vehicles and sanitize it. Here we will discuss the process steam interior cleaning and other processes to keep your car safe & germs free. So, let's begin to learn some new techniques for cleaning.


Introduction of steam interior cleaning


Steam interior cleaning is a process of cleaning where the water is heated to the boiling point, and then it is vaporized. After vaporization, it is further heated above the saturation point. In this process the water is transformed into steam, and that's why you can't find a single micro drop of water. In this process, you can save water. It is an environmentally friendly cleaning process where heat is combined with pressure to remove all the dirt, germs, etc. With this, you can save your time as well as yourself.


Steam cleaning: The right choice to disinfect your car


Cleaning a car is not easy, especially when you have to be more careful about hygiene. If you have a large family and have many pets, it's your responsibility to take care of them. To take care of your family, the first thing you should do is keep your car disinfects from viruses & germs.

For this, there are many service centers available. 


But why will you hire an expensive specialist to wash your car when you have a better choice? Steam cleaning is the right choice to disinfect your car from germs and dirt. This cleaning method allows you to remove dirt from the interior surface of your car. With this, you can clean your car from top to bottom with minimum efforts.


Is steam cleaning really effective?


Steam cleaning is effective for your car because it can kill up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria using effective chemicals. It is a safe and eco-friendly method of cleaning. According to the professionals, this is a proper and natural way to clean your car from top to bottom. A high temperature of cleaning kills all types of bacterias. That's why most of the service centers use the temperature of 275f to clean your car properly. 


With this, your vehicle will smell clean and fresh. The process of this cleaning method is natural. If you want a natural fragrances mell inside your car, it will be the best option. You can take your car to a car wash service center that provides a steam cleaning service or can buy a steam cleaner.


Does steam cleaning is a great method for sanitizing & cleaning?


If you are talking about car cleaning service, most of us want a service where a less chemical is used. So, for this, the steam cleaning method will be the best example. In steam cleaning, you can change the look of your car naturally. It can disinfect inside and outside the surface of your car without any quality loss. It doesn't affect the environment. Anyone can easily afford this service. 


It took almost 15 minutes to disinfect and sanitize your car with a steam cleaning method. This is the method that allows us to eliminate all types of bacterias. With this, you can clean each and every corner of your car and rejuvenate it. So, in this way, we can say that, yes, steam cleaning is a great method of sanitizing and cleaning vehicles in this pandemic. So, what are you waiting for? Search for this service near to your location and visit the service center soon.


Why should you choose a steam car cleaning service?


1.    To eliminate the non-toxic chemicals: 


With the steam car cleaning service's help, you don't need any non-toxic, harmful chemicals. You don't have to use any harsh chemicals to clean your car, such as bleach, etc. Here only heat waters are used to clean your car. This is the most amazing cleaning method where you can get rid of 99.9% of germs without using chemicals.


2.    Eco-friendly service: 


This is an eco-friendly car cleaning service because here, they don't use any type of harsh chemicals to clean your car. The non-toxic method of this service helps you make your car safe and secure for your children & pets.


3.    Helpful for people who have allergies: 


People who have allergies and suffering from asthma can get a better solution from this. As you read earlier that there is no use of any chemical agents in this method, and that's why there is no need to worry about any type of allergies through this.


4.    To remove mold: 


The steam car cleaning method is the natural method of sanitizing without any chemical agent. When the steam touches the surface of your car, then it kills or destroys all the germs, viruses, and dust molds easily. It makes your car bacteria-free.


5.    For minimal maintenance: 


This cleaning method does not distort the car, so there is a low amount of maintenance needed. In this, the Fortador steamers are used to deliver the dry, hot vapor temp of 275f and 16 bar of pressure. With this temperature, it can kill all the bacterias, which include COVID-19 bacteria also.


6.    To eliminate germs: 


Because of the lack of ventilation, there are some germs, and microscopic organisms are present inside your car. To clean all the semicroscopic organisms, you need to choose this method. With the help of this, you can kill all your germs and microbes present inside your car. This is the right and portable method of car cleaning, which eliminates all the germs.


7.    To clean the small sections of your car: 


You need to choose a steam car cleaning service for the entire car cleaning service. With the help of this service, you can clean the smaller section of your padding. With this, you can clean any type of stains and molds and make your vehicle dirty and impurity-free. But, to get this typeof high-quality service, you should hire the best car cleaning service center.


8.    To clean the windows: 


The steam car cleaning method can clean everything starting from the car's window to its dashboard. The best car cleaning service center provides you a guarantee car window, exteriors & dashboard cleaning facility.


Other than these, there are many other facilities which force you to choose this car cleaning method over others.


Exterior & Interior Benefits of steam car cleaning service


Exterior benefits of steam car cleaning service


1.    Get non-sticky windows: 


When we use the traditional cleaning service method using bleaching and don't wash it properly, the window of your car may be streaky.But in the steam cleaning method, your windows look smooth and fresh. It looks like new without any use of chemicals. It can remove tar and wax and other types of compounds from your car.


2.    Don't dull the car paint: 


In the steam cleaning method, there is no use of any hard brushes, and that's why there is no need to worry about the paint of your car.It keeps your car paint fresh and new. With this method, you don't need to worry about any type of scratches. We use many types of chemicals and hard brushes to keep our car clean, which results in the scratches and damages the car paint. So, it will be better to choose the steam cleaning option to make your car shining bright.


3.    No chemicals use: 


The best part of this cleaning method is that there is nouse of any type of chemical compounds that can harm your body. The harsh chemicals will not only damage the exterior quality of your car, but it also affects the environment. That's why most people choose this method and follow the guidelines to save nature.


Interior Benefits of steam car cleaning service


1.    Best fragrance: 


When you use this steam cleaning method, then all types of odors are vanishes, and you will get a good fragrance inside your car.


2.    Stains of pet: 


With this, you can remove all types of molds, strains.With this, all the fabrics can be easily deep cleaned.


3.    Time-saving method: 


With this, you can clean each and every corner of your car, such as dashboards, cup holders, etc. in a minute. The surface is easily dry after the steam cleaning is done.


How steam interior cleaning service much better than traditional car cleaning services?


The steam interior cleaning service is far better than the traditional cleaning service. You will get many benefits if you use the steam cleaning method. Below discussed points are the reasons for which people choose this method to sanitize their car.


  1. In the     traditional cleaning method, the service center uses different types of     chemicals such as sodium hydro chlorite, bleaching, etc. These are some     harmful chemical compounds that can be harmful to you and your family as     well as for the environment. These harmful chemical compounds can affect     your lungs. While in the steam cleaning service, there is no use of any     type of chemical compound. In this only water is used to clean your car.     This is the natural cleaning process, and that's why people choose this     method to explore the natural fragrance.
  2. The     traditional method of cleaning the service center uses hard brushes and     abrasive materials, which can destroy the quality of your car. It can     destroy your car's paint. In the traditional method of cleaning, your car     will get many scratches. Whereas, in the steam cleaning service, there is     no use of any brushes for cleaning. With this, you don't need to worry     about losing the quality of your car.
  3. In     traditional car cleaning, you may face some allergies because of the heavy     use of chemicals while in the steam cleaning service, you are safe and     secure with 0% of chemicals. It is a chemical-free method of cleaning.     This is an economical and versatile method of cleaning, which you should     choose in this pandemic to disinfect your vehicle.
  4. The     traditional cleaning method doesn't eliminate all the bacterias and germs,     whereas the steam cleaning method helps you eliminate 99.9% of guaranteed     germs. In this, the stains are removed with the help of eco-friendly,     biodegradable chemicals.
  5. In     traditional cleaning services, we use huge water or detergents, whereas,     in the steam cleaning method, we don't use detergent, which helps to save     water. In this, you can save your maintenance fee and time. It is a natural     method of cleaning which provides you a fresh experience of traveling.


There are many other reasons which prove that the steam cleaning method is much better than the traditional cleaning service. So, if you are still using the same boring traditional cleaning method, then change your cleaning method as soon as possible.


How to choose a steam car cleaning service center for cleaning your car?


1.    Experience: 


Before hiring any car cleaning service for steam car cleaning, you should check their experience. An experienced service center will help you to get the best service. They don't give you the opportunity to find their mistake. They will clean and sanitize your car properly with the steam cleaning method.


2.    Professional assistant: 


Choose a service center that has professional assistants who can help you in any situation. A professional cleaning agent has years of experience and well trained to take your responsibilities. They will renovate your car properly. They applied all the skills they have to provide you the best result.


3.    Best equipment: 


Before hiring any service center, make sure that they have the proper cleaning equipment. They should have the best quality equipment which can't destroy the quality of your car.


4.    Best quality detergents: 


Before hiring any service center, make sure that all the detergents which they are used should be CDC approved and biodegradable, which can remove all types of dirt and germs.


5.    Reviews & Testimonials


Before hiring them, you should research about that company. You should check their reviews on Google and should also check their testimonials provided by their clients. With the help of those testimonials, you can measure their performance or their quality of service.


6.    24/7 support: 


You should hire a service center which provides 24/7service to their customer. Ensure that they have the best customer care executives who can understand the needs of customers and coordinate with them in their best possible way to provide you a better service.


7.    Follow the guidelines: 


Before hiring one of the service centers to clean your car, ensure that they follow the government's safety guidelines. They should have the proper facilities in their working space to protect themselves from this Covid19.


8.    Match with your budget: 


You should hire a service center which pricing chart meets with your budget. This service can be affordable for everyone, but still, if you have any issues with that, then you can sit with them and discuss this.


So, these are the certain basic criteria to hire a service center that provides steam car cleaning service to their customers.


How to use Steam cleaner for the detailed cleaning of your car?


Your vehicle may dirt because of various reasons. There are many ways through which your car gets dirty, but it's your responsibility to make your vehicle clean. To clean your vehicle, you can choose the best cleaning method, which is known as a steam cleaning method. This method will help you to be a deep clean of your vehicle. It can clean all those areas which are hard to reach. It removes all the dirt from your car before it leaves a permanent stain. Nowadays, people are using this type of cleaning method for a healthy, safe, and secure traveling experience.


1.    Clean carpets & fabrics inside the car


Usually, most of the time, the carpets of the car are cleaned by the carpet cleaner. However, in the carpet, cleaners use water and chemicals, which may damage your carpet's fabrics. Sometimes it may be expensive for you. But when you choose steam cleaning, then it will be easy to afford you. For cleaning the carpet of your car, there is a triangular brush attached to the steam cleaner. You have to move this brush all around the carpet. This triangular tool has the power to lift the dirt. This is the way through which you can clean the carpets of your car.


2.    Clean the leather, plastic & vinyl materials inside a car: 


For this, you need a soft tool that can't scratch the interior of your car. For this you need a cloth, it will be best if you use a microfiber cloth. Now you have to wrap this cloth around the steam cleaner and clean all the parts of your interior smoothly. With this, you can clean the radio display of your car and dashboard, etc. The fabric you attached in the cleaner will smoothly absorb all the specks of dirt and germs in your car. It also helps you to clean the leather seats of your car without any scratch.


3.    Clean the tough areas: 


For this, you need a crevice tool to clean the areas where your hand can't reach. For this, take a steam cleaner and put the tip closer to eliminate the specks of dirt. You can clean the gaps between the seats & console etc. With this, you can clean the door pockets and cupholders. Once you steam the area, vacuum them with a crevice tool.


4.    Clean the headliner of your car: 


The headliner of your car is the area that doesn't need to be clean, but you should also clean it. The pressed board builds the headlined with foam. So, while cleaning this part, you should be more careful.If this glue is softened or wet, then it may lose and hang down. So, you should be more careful while cleaning this part of your car. To clean this, you also need a microfiber cloth and wrap it with a steam cleaner and then move it smoothly. Don't keep this in one place for a long time.


5.    Clean the windows of your car: 


With the help of a steam cleaning service, you can make your window shine bright. It can remove all the tars, bugs from your exterior window. When the steam touches the surface of your window, then it softens the dirt particles, and it gets eliminated easily. Here you have to pass the steam cleaner over the window and then wipe it with a clean cloth.


With this, you can easily clean all the exterior and interior parts of your car within 15 to 20 minutes. With this, you can get acar-free from viruses & dirt.


To Sum It Up


After reading this, you can clearly understand how the steam car cleaning service takes the place of traditional cleaning service in the market. This is the easiest method of cleaning where you can save your money, time, health, and environment. So, at this time, don't visit any ordinary car cleaning service center to clean your car. Choose a servicing center that provides steam interior & exterior car cleaning service to their customers.