Overspray removal in MIami

Overspray removal in MIami
Updated On:
July 26, 2021

Over Spray on Cars and Trucks            

           Car owners around Miami and the surrounding areas are often surprised when they approach their vehicle and see overspray on the car. Overspray is a significant issue with construction work and the paint spraying that goes along with it. The gusty winds in the area can easily carry the paint overspray for yards. This paint mist simply floats through the air and attaches to everything in sight including your car or truck. This often commercial-grade paint will adhere to every part of your car. With the hot Miami sun, the paint bakes on to the surfaces quickly.

Identify and Know what it Is
Some car owners can immediately notice overspray on the car if it lands on a dark surface. With lighter color vehicles, you may have to take a clue from the glass, tires, dark molding or trim. If you discover tiny specs on these darker surfaces, run your hand across the painted surfaces and feel for tiny bumps or particles. If you feel smooth, non-sticky and generally consistently-sized particles, chances are you have paint overspray on the car. Many owners have used bug and tar remover for other types of invaders. With paint overspray, it is not something that can be easily removed with an over-the-counter solution.

Although overspray on your car’s finish is very frustrating, you will not have to re-paint your car to restore the finish you have loved. There are commercial services with experienced professionals that have completed overspray removal on hundreds of vehicles.

Services to get the Paint Overspray off your Car
Total Steam Auto Detailing of Miami offers a professional and complete service to remove the paint that has bonded to any vehicle. The cleaning agents we use are qualified to safely rid your car of the over spray paint and other materials that may have adhered to your vehicle’s surface. Our thorough step-by-step process ensures that each area of your car is meticulously cleaned, and your paint is restored and protected. Let’s learn more about our comprehensive and essential process.

No matter how long the paint overspray has been on your car, we can get it off. We first remove the dirt and other non-paint particles that have dirtied the surface of the car. We use an eco-friendly process and equipment to get the job done to exceed your expectations. We will use a commercial-grade steamer on your entire vehicle. Not only is it the most efficient use of water to clean a car, it is the most effective. This allows us to pay attention to every inch of your car with the attention to detail that you expect.

We will snow-foam your entire vehicle. This is a process where the dirt gets absorbed into the foam and then is rinsed away. Our high-quality foam has exactly the right ratio of suds and lubrication to remove dirt. Our commercial-grade foam guns apply exactly the right amount of foam to every inch of your car or truck. Applying the foam by hand allows all areas, including the crevices and hard to get areas, to be covered.

Next, we use a steam rinse which is safely and evenly distributed to remove the foam. Our steam is pressured and operates up to 235 PSI, and effectively cleanses all surfaces of dirt and other particles that can damage the finish.

Claying to Remove the Paint-Decontamination
Clay is a material used and is the first step in paint correction. Clay is not to be confused with a wax for car. We use a clay bar to decontaminate the surface. Clay further cleans the surface by extracting the overspray and other micro contaminants that have bonded to your vehicle’s surface. There are different grades of clay. We use a high-quality clay with a commercial-grade lubricant in the process.

Our team has successfully completed this process on hundreds of vehicles. They know exactly the right amount of pressure and the correct hand motion to safely and effectively do the job. Our experience has shown that paint overspray is one of the toughest and most persistent materials that bond to a car’s surface. There are hundreds or thousands of individual or clotted particles. Knowing this, our team ensures they pay special attention to each area. We technically use the right amount of clay to remove the overspray particle by particle.

We then use a microfiber cloth to remove the clay along with the particles that have adhered to it. When done properly by a professional, there is no damage to your car’s original coat, and the paint correction process is almost finished.

Buffering for Completion
We use a professional rotary buffer and go over your entire exterior. This buffing process will remove small imperfections and swirl marks that may be present on the body. We keep our commercial buffer pads clean and fresh at all times. The before and after results can be seen at this point.

After the buffering is complete, we will steam clean the entire exterior. This removes any residue from the buffer cleanse. We steam the wheels, tires, wheel wells, glass, bumpers, name plates, the grill, tail gate and other often overlooked parts where tiny dirt particles can build up and damage the car. After a thorough inspection and microfiber cloth wiping of any areas necessary, your car will be free of troublesome particles.

Protect your Car from Future Over Sprays and More
Some people feel a wax for car is the best solution for body coat protection. Although waxing may have some short-term value, there are more effective and efficient options. A very durable and extremely protective solution to protect your car’s finish is ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating is the ultimate protection. You can protect your car’s finish from future over sprays and other contaminants with this professional application. Total Steam Auto Detailing has a Kevlar coating and can easily apply this to any vehicle.

Below is a list of a few benefits to a Kevlar ceramic coating beyond over spray protection:
• Provides a protection barrier against many outside contaminants including dust, mud, road chemicals, and acidic bird droppings.
• Natural elements can also damage and dull your finish. The intense UV rays of the Miami sun can dull and weaken a car’s finish. The paint will oxidize. A Kevlar coating can protect your car.
• Rain has minerals in it. As the raindrops are baked on the finish of your car, they leave noticeable rings of small particles that can cause micro scratches on the finish. If a Kevlar coating is present, you won’t have to worry.
• You get protection from nicks and scratches. Nothing will 100% protect your finish, but you can minimize the damage from stone chips and other minor road hazards that are thrown at your car or truck.

A Little More Information on a Kevlar Coating
Kevlar can protect every part of your vehicle. In addition to the paint, protect the trim, glass, bumper and more. Kevlar is such an effective product that the interior of a vehicle can be protected also. If you are interested in protecting the dashboard, seating, cargo area and interior components of your car, we can do that too.

Keep your Car in Showroom Condition
Being proactive with a Kevlar protection coating, and addressing hazards that bond to your car such as paint over spray, can keep your car looking new. Not only will you feel great and proud of your vehicle with family and friends, you can maximize the resale value of your car or truck. We have the professional equipment, solutions and people to take care of any size job. We offer on-site and remote services. Whichever is most convenient, you will get the same high-quality job with a 100% clean and protected vehicle. Contact us today.