Deep Car Interior cleaning in Miami

Deep Car Interior cleaning in Miami
Updated On:
July 26, 2021

Deep Cleaning of a Car--What it Takes and What we Do            

           A professional interior car cleaning makes all the difference. Choosing a cleaning and detailing company that has the latest equipment, procedures, cleaning and protecting agents is an important first step. At our detailing center, you will find all that and more with an experienced staff that cleans your car and exceeds expectations. As compared to others, we have the ability to clean, sanitize and protect every inch of your car’s interior.

We use a variety of equipment, techniques, tools and cleaning agents in the process. Everything we do is safe and will not damage the surfaces of your vehicle. Check out what we can do for you with our deep cleaning interior service.

Floor Mats

The floor mats are often the most stained and dirtiest pieces of the vehicle. We start by using a commercial vacuum to get the loose particles and dirt off the floor mats. For carpeted floor mats, we use an extractor to shampoo, clean and draw the shampoo and water from the mats. We complete this for the front and rear seats. Our equipment includes a professional steam cleaner for car interior floor mats.

For rubber floor mats, we will use a car steamer to deliver powerful steam that cleans and sanitizes. For tar, oil or chemical stains, we use a targeted commercial detergent to get them out.  


All passengers come in contact with the seating of a car. Everyone will be impressed as they sit on clean and sanitized seats. Dirt and contaminants become trapped and embedded in car seating. We start with a powerful vacuum that removes small and large particles. Our crevice tool gets between the seats and small areas so nothing is left behind. We then shampoo the fabric, and use an extractor to remove the dirt and stains.

Seating-Leather or Vinyl

Soil, dirt and oil can cause leather to become distressed and look discolored over time. Micro particles collect in the pores of the leather. Vinyl seats are less absorbent, but show dirt on the surface. Worry no more with our service. We will use a steam cleaner, combined with a brush and microfiber cloth, to clean the leather or vinyl surfaces. This combination loosens the stains and dirt as the microfiber cloth wipes them away.

Leather Conditioning

After cleaning, our team will apply a commercial-grade conditioner to all leather surfaces. This lubricates the pores, which inhibits future stains from penetrating the leather.  

Other Carpeted Surfaces

Expect the same level of car interior steam cleaning when we steam clean cargo areas, seat backs and the ceiling. We completely shampoo and use an extractor on all of the appropriate areas. Stains from boxes and other gear are mostly erased with our process. If a second level of cleaning is necessary, we use a commercial detergent that works on that specific stain.

Door Panels

Door panels and handles get scuffed and soiled. Our team will use steam to clean the surfaces and remove the marks and dirt from these visible areas in your car or truck. We clean and sterilize the plastic, vinyl and carpeted surfaces on the panels.

Crevices and Hard to get to Places

Mold can grow in the many crevices in your vehicle. Throughout the vehicle, there are many dark corners and crevices. As part of our car interior steam cleaning, we will use steam delivered at high pressures and temperatures to blow out the debris that has accumulated in those hard-to-reach places. The mold will be killed by the high temperatures and then easily removed by our team. Our team delivers you a clean vehicle as we perform mold removal.


One of highest profile interior parts of the car is the dashboard. With eyes forward, every passenger sees your dash. Expect the best from us and be proud of your 100% spotless and sanitary dashboard surface. The space where the windshield meets the dash is often overlooked. We use steam to penetrate and clean the entire area, no matter the level of difficulty. Drive on!

Steering Wheel and Gear Shift

Grabbing the steering wheel all day long passes dirt and allows bacteria to potentially form. Our interior steam cleaning service includes a complete steering wheel cleaning including the column and connected levers. If your gear shift has a leather or vinyl cover, it can collect more dirt than a non-covered shift. You handle the gear shift multiple times per trip. Regardless of the material, our team 100% cleans the gear shift and surrounding areas.


Many people just think of the one console between the driver’s and passenger’s seat. There are many storage compartments in a vehicle, especially SUVs. Rest assured that our team will not only clean the outside of the console, but we open them up and let the sanitizing steam penetrate and clean the insides as well. These can also be sources of mold. Our steam lands on even the darkest corners, and is very effective in the mold removal process.

Under the Seats

We go to areas that are often inconvenient and avoided. Our team has dry suction tools to pick up small and large debris. Food and other items are now removed. Our steam then penetrates underneath the seats so no area gets left behind.

Air Vents

Just like furnace duct work in a house, the air vents in a car accumulate dust, allergens and potentially bacteria. We use a steam cleaner for car interior air vents. You would be impressed to see this process as it takes place. We hook up the steamer to the proper vent entry in your system. The high-temperature steam rushes through your entire vent system, cleaning and sanitizing all the way until exit. Provide air for your family and friends through a fresh and sanitized vent system.


Look around everywhere inside your vehicle and you will see trim. It completes the look. We take pride and clean every inch that stretches throughout your car, truck or SUV. We can easily restore that showroom look and feel.

All Knobs, Buttons and Levers

You and your passengers turn, press and pull on the many controls in your car. We will not forget any of them as we meticulously go over each one with our cleaning agent. Each one comes away clean and sanitized.


Clean windows are key to safe driving. Film builds up on the inside of your windows. We will clean all the glass in your car. This includes the windshield, side windows, back windows, sunroof and the glass way back in an SUV. We will use steam and a fresh microfiber cloth to remove the film and dust. Your gateway to the road is now clear!


We will not forget any details. Rest assured your rearview mirror and visor mirrors will reflect like new when you pick up your car.

Dashboard Gauges

See and read your gauges with new clarity from our cleaning process. We will blow out the corners so no dust is left. Your car will look great.

Glove Box

Every part of the car deserves to be clean. We clean the front, then open up the glove box and if you choose, and let the steam in to clean and sanitize. We ensure no paperwork gets curled or moist in the process.  

Child’s Car Seats

Potentially one of the dirtiest items in the car can be a child’s car seat. No one wants their child in a soiled seat with food particles and drink that has worked into the fabric. It is also important to keep a car seat sanitized. We completely steam clean the car seat. Our process gets into the corners where the seat meets the back. The car seat is another area that can benefit from mold removal. Our high-temperature steam takes care of that and other contaminants. Your youngest passenger is now safer.


Coffee and other drinks spill and drip in a car. From bottom to top, we clean every cup holder in your car, truck or SUV.


Passengers carry germs and other manmade or natural contaminants into your car. Steam is a highly recommended medium for cleaning and sanitizing a car. We use the most up to date steamers that deliver precisely the right amount of steam at the right temperature and pressure. You drive away with a sanitized and protected vehicle for your family and friends.

Kevlar Coating

The interior of your car can take a beating. Give the surfaces a fighting chance with Kevlar coating protection. We offer this popular application service. The Kevlar coating by Fortador gives the high contact interior surfaces a tough, safe and proven protective layer. We carefully apply the Kevlar coating to any fabric, leather or vinyl surface in your vehicle. You can feel more confident that your surfaces are protected and will clean easier.

Our Interior Cleaning Services

You will not find to many car detailing services that provide the deep cleaning that we do. Our service is centered around using the best equipment, materials and technique for the interior surface. We use up to date equipment that has been serviced to consistently deliver the steam and the cleaning solutions for your car’s interior.

Our cloths and cleaning detergents will not harm your car’s interior. We use microfiber cloths to protect the most vulnerable surfaces, such as leather seating. We will always start your detailing job with fresh, clean and sanitary microfiber cloths for cleaning.

Technique and application are critical. Our experienced team have proudly detailed, cleaned and sanitized thousands of cars. They know exactly what tools to use and the technique to get the most out of the equipment and cleaning solutions. We are proud that our techs care about the quality work they do. You will be proud when you drive away with your vehicle with that showroom condition luster and feel.

Other car washes provide surface-level cleaning to some extent. Many car washes that offer some level of interior cleaning are not that focused or detailed. They often use the same spray cleaning agent bottle on every surface. They often use the same towel to clean the seats and glass. Many car washes spray a fragrance in your vehicle to provide a new scent or to mimic cleanliness. Although it may be at a lower price, your car deserves better. Our car cleaning service is so thorough that your car smells naturally clean. Come check us out and let us show you what perfection looks like.