Ceramic Pro for Cars installation in Miami

Ceramic Pro for Cars installation in Miami
Updated On:
July 26, 2021

Ceramic Pro Near Me | Miami installation center

This week we got a beautiful quest in our center, red Ferrari for ceramic coating installation, car was in OK conditions but our team have tried to move it to another level

Interior Steam Detailing as a prep for Interior Guard installation
nobody can say that car has more than 2 owners

We made complete interior detailing with carpets shampoo, deep steam cleaning of leather and install Ceramic Guard for all interior materials and surfaces delivering extremest protection, easy maintenance and perfect look

Paint Correction with Rupes system
multiple tools used to get all spots polished
Ceramic Coating Installation
perfect look and protection

Multiple steps with different tools, pads and compound to make paint better that from factory, several washes and chemical cleaning for paint to prep for ceramic coating installation and good bonding, inspections, inspections and final touches - to make this beauty looks spotless