Passenger Transportation vehicle desinfection

Today we found good chance to meet new friends and show new technology for companies that make full service passenger transportation:

- Paratransit

- Ambulantory

- Emergency evacuation

to offer better service to thier passenger they need steam technology to keep fleet clean not only outside but mainly incide, and sometimes they got incindents that need something more efficient that standard way of old fashion car wash does

Please, get following pictures of our test wash


extterior initial photo before service


bacteria check before service

Checking of dirty/bacteria level inside the car

We using best smart technology to check bacteria level before/after our service


bacteria level before steam cleaning inside


our setup to do the service

Steam Cleaning of interior

We using Fortador 235 PSI dry Steam to clean and disinfection seats, vents, instrument cluster, floor No any place in the car that lost our attention Usually we start from - first stage: fast vacuum of basic dirty in the open spaces - second stage: fast steaming under the seats and all hidden places inside the car - third stage: vacuum of the dirty that was blown by steam - fourth stage: deep steaming of interior including doors, plastic, vents, seat etc etc etc


after steam cleaning


exterior after basic polymer wash


bacteria level after steam wash 62 times less

as you can see bacteria from super high 249 drops 62 times less to 4

this is level of good kitchen after general cleaning

all service were done in 45 minutes

if you have any question about steam cleaning or service contact us to be steamed

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